Meet the K9's and handlers

Officer Hicks and K9 Ace

K9 Ace is a 2 year old Belgian Malinois. Officer Hicks patrols with K9 Ace, who is certified in narcotics detection. Together they spend a great deal of time community policing. The team is out in the community meeting and making friends daily as well as keeping a friendly presence among the youth and adults as well. The children adore both Officer Hicks and Ace alike, and its obvious from the amount of children and teens that aspire to be like this well loved and respected team. Ace has been on patrol for over a year now and Officer Hicks has handled two other K9's over his career. Ace loves training with his handler, chasing bad guys, getting pets and belly rubs, and sleeping on Officer Hicks bed. Occasionally Ace enjoys stealing Officer Hicks lunch from the front seat of their patrol car when his back is turned working on a call. He dislikes being ignored and bad guys.

Meet the K9's and handlers

Officer Miller and K9 Max

K9 Max is a 6.5 year old German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix. Max is certified in Narcotics Detection and is assigned to Officer JD Miller. The team maintains current certification through both North American Police Work Dog Association and Virginia Police Work Dog Association. Max was purchased from AMK9 in November of 2014 and was previously deployed overseas in Afghanistan. In his 2 years as a Police K9, Max has been instrumental in several notable seizures of currency and narcotics. Officer Miller has been a patrol officer with the Redford City Police Department for 6 years and became a K9 handler in December of 2014. K9 Max loves running in the backyard, playing tug, receiving belly rubs, and going to work. He dislikes baths, and bad guys.

Meet the K9's and handlers

Deputy Alexander and K9 Yort

K9 Yort is a German Shepherd assigned to Deputy Alexander. Yort is trained as an Explosive Detection K9. Together they travel all over the United States for sporting events, conventions, and anything where large crowds are assembled. They have been selected to work the 2017 Super Bowl in Houston, Tx. They spend countless hours training and keeping up Yort's certifications. Yort enjoys playing with his ball, watching his partner work out at the gym, relaxing at home, earning treats, and impressing the ladies. Yort dislikes bombs and bad guys.


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