Holly's Heroes



This is K9 Holly and handler Laura Steele @thatdamk9 on Instagram.  I know a lot of you have followed them on Instagram and you may have noticed that her account has been inactive since March 5, 2018.  That is the last day that Laura was with Holly as she dropped her off at the kennel, being removed from Laura for no good reason for the second time.  Holly is currently sitting in a 2x4 kennel where she has received no training and limited human contact for more than three months.  We as Instagram followers are trying to bring attention to this situation.  Holly is a working dog, not a tool that can be turned off and stored.  This is animal cruelty and needs to be corrected.  This is an in-depth story that we want investigated so all the details may come to surface.

Just from Instagram, I myself see that Laura has been involved with an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) hearing that took place in LA just days before Holly was removed from her care.  This seems as an act of retaliation and deserves attention.  I believe that Laura is in a situation that she cannot help herself and that maybe we can help her. 


Please click the link to sign the petition and if you so feel, thier is also a link to a GoFundMe.  We have started it in the event we need funds to help Holly.  As of today, we have been sending letters to news outlets so the more support we can generate from you guys, the more chance we have of gaining media attention.  


Thank you for your support!





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